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Ari's Journal

The one where she's almost honest.

21 August
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"I hate quotations-tell me what you know"-Emerson

"punk's not dead....but you're killing it."

"Contemporary physics is based on concepts somewhat analogous to the smile of the absent cat." -Albert Einstein

"Everyone's a moon. We each have a dark side that we show to no one else." - Mark Twain

"But it was just as well. There had to be the dark and muddy waters so that the sun could have something to background its flashing glory." -A tree grows in brooklyn

Sappy dash
You are Swiss Army Romance!

You don't like the world really, especially not
your peers. You've begun to realize how shallow
and superficial high school and college life
really is. You value things that are real, and
you laugh at those fake kids that seem to
surround you...

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